David Scott

David is the founding Partner of TeamTouch. After an early career as an officer in the Royal Air Force, where he specialised in leadership development and training design, he spent several years in the aviation-security and manufacturing industries, before his passion for facilitation and coaching inspired him to launch the company in 2000.


Since then he has designed and facilitated learning interventions for teams and their leaders for corporate clients in 10 countries, often working with associates for larger-scale projects. His particular areas of interest include team behaviour under pressure, de facto leadership, and the influence of culture and norms on teams and their leaders.


David is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and an NLP Practitioner. His qualifications include a BA and MBA, and he is licensed to use a range of psychometric instruments.


His hobbies include road cycling and languages – he is fluent in French, Spanish and German.


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