Phil Appleton

Phil is our Partner with oversight of simulation design and roleplay. A business actor and communications skills coach, he has led a variety of roleplay-based workshops in both private industry and the public sector and is a consultant in the use of forum theatre.


After qualifying as an airline pilot in 1975, Phil began his training career as a flying instructor and gained a postgraduate DMS in 1988. He became a professional actor in 1997 when he played a ‘Naboo Pilot’ in Episode 1 of Star Wars, and has since appeared in a variety of roles on stage and screen.


Phil has 15 years’ experience in developing confidence and assertiveness  skills. Bilingual, with dual British and French nationalities, he is passionate about the importance of good communication and has a particular interest in diversity. He set up the Windsor Boys’ School Practice Interview Scheme in 2003.


Phil swims and aims shortly to complete the book he started writing in 1981.


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