bespoke programmes

Our bespoke programmes follow the ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation) model. Although we can advise on and set up evaluation processes, we recommend that clients run these processes internally to avoid potential conflicts of interest.


Our design projects always start with an analysis of the target group's learning needs. This might start with a review of existing analysis, but we frequently work from first principles. In parallel, we establish the client organisation's strategic and operational outcomes - what they want the programme to achieve - and make sure they align with participants' needs. If not, we will discuss with the client how potential conflicts could be overcome. We then formulate robust learning outcomes and propose a range of options for achieving these outcomes. Examples from previous projects include face-to-face workshops, large-group events, eLearning, social learning, action learning in the workplace, project-based assignments and coaching.


Programme development will depend on the methodology agreed.


We always recommend the incorporation of robust evaluation processes into the programme design. We suggest these should establish the degree to which the learning outcomes have been achieved, how participants change their behaviour in the longer term as a result, and how the organisation has benefitted.