TeamR4™: Developing Leaders & Teams under Pressure

How would your team cope in a crisis?

How exposed is it to risk?

...and how do you know?


Our TeamR4 assessment measures how prepared your team is to deal with pressure and manage the financial, reputational, systemic or even life-and-death risks inherent in its work. We have developed the TeamTouch Risk-Pressure Matrix as a way of representing the relationship between risk and pressure and their consequences for team effectiveness, using a Green-Grey-Amber-Red classification.


TeamR4 simulation and feedback then develops your team's:

when managing the unexpected.


The TeamR4 assessment uses a multi-strand approach combining psychometric profiling, controlled qualitative feedback and simulations to produce a rounded team profile highlighting areas that require development.


The TeamR4 profile may be benchmarked against other teams or against a pre-determined standard based on your organisation’s exposure to risk and pressure.


TeamR4 addresses the following core areas: 

  • Identifying internal risks and pressure-points;
  • Gauging team climate and stability;
  • Exploring the team’s ‘contingent capability’: its ability to deliver beyond its normal requirements when faced with unplanned scenarios;
  • Learning from ‘safe failure’;
  • Developing team flexibility, decision-making and situational awareness.

Request our more detailed White Paper here to learn about the thinking behind TeamR4 and how it can help you, your team and your organisation.